Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEW Clip: Sacrifice

Ignored, teased & denied. you kneel at the edge of My bed with My beautiful feet in your face and watch in anticipation as I take care of a few things on My computer. Being a good boy gets you rewarded, you watch as I Sacrifice My silky, sheer black Wolford Fatal Pantyhose. Hear them as the run, rip and tear. See My perfect b lood red toe nails as they come into full view. Listen as I tease you. As I tell you just where I want you.  720 x 480


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

you Work for Me!

I am off to Ocean Springs for the day. While I am away, soaking up the sun, putting My perfect toes deep in the sand, you have an assignment! I want to see you tribute & buy clips while I am away.  It I am pleased with the $$$ that comes in while I am away, I will reward you with a candid beach clip.  ;-) you want to see Me in My swimsuit with My beautiful sandy feet. Get to work.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Birthday & New Clips!

My birthday was wonderful! I spent it with great friends. Thank you to those who sent gifts & tributes! Those of you who didn't, money always makes Me happy!

This is just a little peek at the sucker/drool video I've posted on Clips4Sale.  This was a request from one of you... something I didn't anticipate enjoying, BUT I did infact LOVE making this clip!  These is something about letting drool roll over My red lips, knowing that you are going crazy over it. Wishing you were laying on the floor, mouth open, ready to catch each and every drop! Enjoy the green apple flavor!

Full Clip:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NEW Clip Posted & Festival Season Update

New FF stocking clip JUST posted at

No teaser clip for this one! I am not giving you something to wank your worthless pud over. Get off your wallet!

Super hot! Me in shiny pantyhose smoothing full fashioned stocking over My perfect long legs! I tease you with a peek at My perfect ass and otherwise ignore you! 

Festival season is in full swing here in New Orleans. This means that My schedule will be inconsistent.  you poor thing... ;-) Those who have served Me know that I will make Myself available to those who book sessions in advance & prepay for My time.  I suggest you do this, otherwise you will be seriously in need of a Miss Alice fix. 

To book session contact Me here:

Hmmm... My birthday is DAYS away. Not nearly enough gifts have arrived. Get to work. Make yourself stand out from the crowd. Impress Me.