Monday, October 24, 2011

I always want MORE

I always want more. Not just for Myself but for you too. I spend much of My time thinking, researching and trying to come up with, different and hopefully interesting content. I don't do it for Myself. I do it for you. Don't get Me wrong, if I am not into something I won't just put it out there to please the masses.

A couple NEW things for you...

I LOVE pantyhose. There is something about slipping into a fresh pair of Wolford Fatal that makes Me melt. The silky soft nylon wraps around My ass, legs and feet. I love the way I look in them, My long legs covered in shiny hose. Layering them so that the sparkle and shine is intensified. Sigh... So good. I have MANY pair of My worn pantyhose that I am ready to offer for sale. They will not be cheap, as they were not cheap to begin with. The pantyhose I wear do not come in an egg. I prefer Wolford, Falke & Donna Karan which range anywhere from $20 - $60 a pair. Expect to pay more than that for the pantyhose that I have worn, salty with sweat, left sex in... I looked into ebanned, and I am not interested in selling them there at the moment. ebay is out of the question. So, if you are interested, you are going to have to take a big boy pill and contact Me for availability, price & how to pay. Below is a photo of the hose I have available currently.

3 pair of Donna Karan Sheer to waist.

1 pair of Donna Karan Fishnets

1 pair of Woldford Fatal

2 pair of Donna Karan Nudes (the sheerest of sheer)

Some other MISC hose AND 2 pair of amazing VINTAGE (1950's) Full Fashion Stockings; one pair nude and one pair black.

I also decided to bring back My ignore line. That's right bitches, call to be ignored.
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

NEW Pantyhose/Humiliation/Financial Domination Assignment

Free Preview

Many of you have requested PTV assignments, which I generally do on a more personal basis. I enjoy tayloring clips to match what I see in the specific client. However, I see the need for more, for the lack of a better word, generic assignments for those who worship from afar.
So far, I have three assignments posted in My Flirt store. One of those I have turned into a video clip assignment. Currently the video assignment is ONLY available on Clips4Sale. I tried to post it in My KinkBomb Studio as well, but was unable to. It look like the site is having some issues at the moment. Once the issues with KinkBomb is fixed I will post the clip there as well.
Happy Wanking!
PS: I am working on a more involved opinion blog to be posted this week.