Monday, October 24, 2011

I always want MORE

I always want more. Not just for Myself but for you too. I spend much of My time thinking, researching and trying to come up with, different and hopefully interesting content. I don't do it for Myself. I do it for you. Don't get Me wrong, if I am not into something I won't just put it out there to please the masses.

A couple NEW things for you...

I LOVE pantyhose. There is something about slipping into a fresh pair of Wolford Fatal that makes Me melt. The silky soft nylon wraps around My ass, legs and feet. I love the way I look in them, My long legs covered in shiny hose. Layering them so that the sparkle and shine is intensified. Sigh... So good. I have MANY pair of My worn pantyhose that I am ready to offer for sale. They will not be cheap, as they were not cheap to begin with. The pantyhose I wear do not come in an egg. I prefer Wolford, Falke & Donna Karan which range anywhere from $20 - $60 a pair. Expect to pay more than that for the pantyhose that I have worn, salty with sweat, left sex in... I looked into ebanned, and I am not interested in selling them there at the moment. ebay is out of the question. So, if you are interested, you are going to have to take a big boy pill and contact Me for availability, price & how to pay. Below is a photo of the hose I have available currently.

3 pair of Donna Karan Sheer to waist.

1 pair of Donna Karan Fishnets

1 pair of Woldford Fatal

2 pair of Donna Karan Nudes (the sheerest of sheer)

Some other MISC hose AND 2 pair of amazing VINTAGE (1950's) Full Fashion Stockings; one pair nude and one pair black.

I also decided to bring back My ignore line. That's right bitches, call to be ignored.
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