Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loser Mail...

I had to share this email. It is an example of exactly how NOT to contact Me.  This idiot needs a bullet right between his eyes.
FYI I have NO clue who this idiot is.  This is one of 3 long ridiculous emails from him. Hahaha. What a piece of shit.
Fanmale <7692756>
Sent:: 02-12-2011
To:: MistressAlice

Subject:: Yes Mistress....

Holy shit you turn me on! I'm ready to cum for you right now. Mistress, you are so fucking hot! Finally, a real dominate Mistress. I'm so bored with all of the candy ass "tough" girls on this site. Mistress, I wish that you would fuck them all and force them to kitty lick your sweet little pussy. Dear Mistress, I am new to this. I'm a virgin. Can you teach me? Mistress, I don't want to be entertained. I don't want a strip tease. And, I don't want "nice" talk. All of that bores me. I want a cruel, controlling, wicked Mistress.

If you are this Mistress, I will serve you for life. Are you my Mistress? I only want one, and I won't stop until I find her. I hope that it is you.

Dear Mistress, where are you? I need you so bad. Mistress, please command me to your room. Mistress, I have never sucked on a cock before. Mistress, please, please command me to suck on your big hard cock. Mistress, please teach me. Mistress, please command me to suck on a mans cock. Mistress, please watch me as I do it. Mistress, please humiliate, control, and dominate me. I want to be your little bitch.

Mistress, can I please, please cum for you while looking at your photos?! My hard little cock is pulsating for you. Mistress, please fuck me. Mistress, I want to feel your huge cock inside of me. I want to feel you going deeper and deeper, as I watch you thrusting your hips harder and harder.

Mistress, I have the most incredibly sensitive hard, little nipples. Mistress, please suck on my perky little tits as my tight little hole grabs on to that big cock of yours. Mistress, please hold my legs way back as you penetrate me deeper and deeper. Mistress, please stroke me, please suck on my tits, and please fuck me hard - - - all at the same time. Mistress, please force me to look into your eyes as I cum for you.

Mistress, please teach me a lesson, I'm your little bitch. Mistress, PLEASE fuck me. I LOVE YOU MISTRESS, please call me to your room.

Yes Mistress, I will be a good slave and come to you. Mistress, where are you? I'm looking for you. I wanted to visit you so bad. However, I was attending an important board meeting. Mistress, you've been on my mind throughout the day, I hope that we connect soon. Your nasty ways are playing with my mind.

Dear Mistress, will you please wear one of your tight, little latex outfits for me? Mistress, I love how your perfectly round, sexy ass looks in latex. And Mistress, will you strap on your favorite big cock for me? Mistress, I've been having dreams of all the sexy men and women that you've fucked. Mistress, I get so horny as I watch them grab on to that powerful, firm ass of yours. Mistress, I love how you spread their legs and fuck them. Mistress, even the women are submitting and cumming for you.

Mistress, I've had other "mistresses" send me emails. Yet, they are fake. They are not dominant, they are submissive. It's a "show" for them. Mistress, every one of them would be riding and sucking your big cock. They would be your slave. Mistress, you would expose them for the weak, little cunts that they are.

Mistress, I'm attracted to your power, and I'm intoxicated by your cruelty. I long for you to control me. I LOVE YOU MISTRESS. Mistress, please fuck me, I want to make you rich.

Dear Mistress, I'm so sad that our schedules have conflicted. Mistress, I want to be a good little bitch and come to you. Dear Mistress, I want to worship , pamper, and serve you. Again, I'm so sorry. Please, please forgive me. I was at my office, working. Mistress, I wish that you would fuck me in my office.

Mistress, I wish that you would bend me over my desk, and spread my cute little cheeks for you. Mistress, I wish that you would spank my ass hard, and make it red for you. Mistress, I wish that you would offer up your big cock to me, so that I could suck and lubricate it for you.

Mistress, I wish that you would slide your hard cock slowly into my perfectly pink flower, as I open it for you. Mistress, I wish that you would pull back on my hair, as I arch my back for you. Mistress, I wish that you would pound my soft cushion, as I moan for you.

Mistress, I wish that you would command me to cum, as I surrender to you. Mistress, I wish that you would command me to lick up my cum, as I worship you. Mistress, YOU OWN ME. Please give me a command, I'm your worthless, slutty, little bitch. I'M YOUR SLAVE. You are so fucking hot, please FUCK me!

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